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Take me Home is a remarkable project, especially since it is the first collaboration with vocalist Jon Darc. The song tells a rich story about the hardship and strain of life and through its wistful but also repeatedly breaking euphoric sound, creates a soothing feeling. The music is ultimately brought to life on screen by filmmaker Nikolas Altmeyer. This is a genuine project of heart, as Jon Darc himself plays the multifaceted character. Both listener and viewer are drawn onto an emotional roller coaster ride created by the interweaving of film and sound.

Written and Directed by: Nikolas Altmeyer

Cast: Johannes Frick

DOP: Nikolas Altmeyer

Production Assistance: Mike Brückner, Marvin Jung

Costume & Makeup: Laura Schreiber

Set Photography: Marius Brandtscheidt, Svenja Ortwig

Visual Art: Nils Friedlich

Edit & Grading: Nikolas Altmeyer